2017-18 Edition 1

Holiday of the Month: National Adoption Day: November 18

Hello fellow Marshall students and welcome to the first edition of the Thurgood Marshall News brought to you by the Newspaper Club! Yes, we know, most of you are thinking "There's a school newspaper?!" Well, yes there is. We hope to release an edition every month or so, and we hope that some people will actually read it not just throw it away. Anyways, we were thinking to start off small, with only two articles. Our first article is Sixth Grade Advice: Don't be Scared! for all those new 6th graders, because it can be tough coming to a new place with so many new people and everyone knows how scary and nerve-wracking it might feel. Our second and last article is a little something for Halloween, bringing out the funny and clever kid in all of us, Interesting and Clever Halloween Costumes, which we hope might give you laugh or help you with some costume ideas for next year. Thank you for reading this far and we hope you enjoy the first edition of the Thurgood Marshall News!

~ Writers, Sabella Ibinyopakaka & Humneet Birdee

Sixth Grade Advice: Don't be Scared!

Hello to all those new 6th graders! Now, you're probably all a little scared of the big middle school world, but trust us, it gets better. Sure, the first few weeks were hectic, but you made it through, right. We were 6th graders once too, but, we can bet you are still unsure of some things, so, without further ado, here is some advice on how to survive the terrors of middle school. We hope this helps you have a fun and successful 6th grade year in middle school.

  • Don't be afraid of all 8th graders! We're 8th graders and we aren't the "tall, big, mean" people you see in movies. Really, don't be afraid, but if 8th graders are mean to you, just forget about them and walk away-- there's is no need to get caught up in that drama.
  • When you're unsure, stay with people you know, but be open to others- don't shut them out just because you don't know them- be open to new people and new ideas.
  • Don't always rely on others, but know when you need help from them too.
  • Middle school is a new place, but don't be overcome by a sense of nervousness because you will be fine! Sure, this place is big, but every new place is, and before you know it, Marshall will be in the back of your head, so calm down-- it'll be fine!
  • Mean teachers-- don't lie, we've all had them at one point. If you do feel you have got a mean, stressful, and lots-of-homework teacher, just calm down, because you will get through it! You won't stay in that class forever and before you know it, it'll end soon enough even if it seems like forever (we've all felt that sensation before).
  • We have all seen those popular and mean people, and even though most popular people are not mean at all, getting caught in drama with the mean ones is not fun. If they are mean to you or bother you, forget them! The people who are really your friends will stick by you, and who needs popularity anyway. It's not going to get you anywhere in life, so forget what they say and focus on who and what really matters.
  • Chances are you have experienced losing a friend at least once during your lifetime, if it's from moving or them leaving you, we all know that it's not fun. Now, if that has happened or does happen (hopefully it doesn't) there isn't much you can do, but you can stay strong. Stay with the people who are your real friends, even those you just met because, you never know, they might just become the friend that will never leave you. The point is a lot of people will try to put you down, but you have to stay up for yourself. It will end, and when it does you will truly know who is there for you, in every way.
  • Don't get me started on fire drills.... There is nothing about them that is not nerve-wracking. First off, they might be real, but of course, we aren't told that so then it's panic mode everywhere. Oh, and the loud alarms, possibly the most annoying thing of all with their fear-starting sirens that won't end. And living in San Diego, chances are it is probably hot outside, and not many people want to stay in the heat for a long time. Even though these drills are annoying, they're important, and in time, you'll get used to it. Just be glad that they're only drills, right :).
  • Last of all, probably the scariest thing of all..... meeting your parents' expectations! Oh yeah, we're going there. So, this is the hardest thing about school in general, because no matter how hard we try, you can never fully meet your parents' high standards. The only advice I can really give here is to try your hardest. Try, try, and try again. It is better to try and fail than not try at all. But, don't try so hard to a point where you overwhelm yourself and can no longer also be a kid! So, all I can say is to study and try your very best, but don't forget to enjoy yourself too, because middle school will only come once!

Thank you for reading this 6th grade advice section, and yes, I'm aware that I am nowhere close to covering all the fears and advice for 6th grade, but this covers some fears that most 6th graders might encounter. These fears were given to me by other 6th graders and former 6th graders as well, so we know how you might feel. Thank you and I hope this helps! I hope you have a successful and fun year in 6th grade!

Interesting Halloween Costumes Seen Around Marshall

On Halloween, we saw many interesting costumes, and even though some people didn't dress up, others went all-out, and some were just enough. Here are some cool and interesting Halloween costumes we saw throughout the day:

  • Dinosaur costume
  • Marshmallow costume
  • Biker costume
  • Genie costume
  • Riverdale costume
  • Vampire costume
  • Zombie costume
  • Anime costume
  • Attack on Titans costume
  • Unicorn costume
  • Different animal onesies
  • Skeleton costume
  • Bendy the Ink Machine costume
  • Nerds costume
  • Hotdog costume
  • Woopie cushion costume
  • Hippie costume
  • Maleficent costume
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse costume
  • Nya Nya cat costume
  • Star Wars costume
  • Harry Potter costume
  • Fox costume
  • Narwhal costume
  • Inflatable Dino costume
  • Inflatable Sumo costume
  • Lunch Tray costume

These are some of the costumes we found interesting this past Halloween.

Thanks you for reading our first 2017-2018 newspaper edition of Thurgood Marshall News, and we hope you enjoyed it. Newspapers will come out about every month, and if you have any suggestions, please tell us. Thank you!

~ Sabella I. & Humneet B.

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