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Semester 2 Episode 2


Marshall Middle News

Semester 2 Episode 1

Produced by Halyn Chon


Introducing the Marshall News

Produced by Kate & Nishka

How do you feel about being back to school? In the first episode of the Marshall News from the Video Production team, we have some students share how they feel about coming back on campus.


ASB Update

Produced by Ben & Marshall

In this episode of the Marshall News we interview the people running ASB to see what they have been working on. We also take a deeper dive into what ASB has planned for the future. 


Tech Class - Robotics

Produced by Matthew & Collin

 In Mr. B’s tech class, the students were working on a robotics project where they built, programmed and racer robots. Thank you to Mr. B and his class for showing us what goes on in tech. If you want to have fun and make cool inventions, make sure to sign up for tech in February when we pick our electives for next year.


Thurgood Marshall Biography

Produced by Nykash Chiman

We all know our school was named after Thurgood Marshall, but do we really know who he was, what he did, and why his was important. I hope you enjoy this Autobiography about Thurgood Marshall and why he was such an important figure.


Peer Tutoring Highlight

Produced by Rowan and Harshit

Hey everyone! In this segment of the Marshall News, Harshit Garg and Rowan Harmon interview Mr. G and Ms. Crystal about their peer tutoring elective. Peer tutors have one of the most interesting electives at Marshall and for a limited time, you can switch from your elective to Peer Tutoring by filling out the online application.


Technical Theatre Spotlight

Produced by Leilani Monton

What is it like being in technical theater? In this new episode of the Marshall News, technical theatre students share what it is like being behind-the-scenes of the school year’s first play, Elf, the Musical, Jr!


Counseling Spotlight


Produced by Devyn Lieu & Abraham Ambriss

In this episode of the Marshall News, we introduce you to Marshall’s counseling staff. If you’re having trouble with your class, schedule, mental health, or anything else, don’t be afraid to contact your counselor for any help needed.


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