Inclement Weather Activities

Listed below are videos and lessons that may be shown on inclement weather days. 

These lessons and videos were chosen because they either meet the physical education standards set forth by the state or they tie into our school’s mission statement. Check back often as this list will be updated and/or changed throughout the year.

Movies/Lessons about Health and/or Nutrition

Supersize Me  -  Nutrition, PG
Skills for Healthy Living
Nutrition and Exercise
Cruel Schools: Bullying and Violence
Cruel Schools: Don’t join in
Sports Figures Series 1 & 2 (math and physics – momentum)
Profiles in Respect
Profiles in Responsibility
Profiles in Citizenship
Profiles in Perseverance
Profiles in Courage
Profiles in Empathy
Dealing with Anger
To the Max (Eating and Exercises for Maximum Health)
Exercise your Options (Dairy Council)
Goal Setting
Human Machine
Total Health: Flexibility and Body Composition
Total Health: Muscular Strength and Endurance

Movies and the theme taught

Soul Surfer – Perseverance, PG
Perfect Game – Teamwork, Determination, PG
Diary of a Whimpy kid – Bullying and Importance of friendship, PG
Karate Kid – Defying the odds, PG
Finding Nemo – Overcoming disability, determination, G
Cars – Sportsmanship, G
Open Season  -  Teamwork, PG
Sandlot – Leadership, Teamwork, PG
Remember the Titans – Courage, working through prejudice, PG
Surfs Up – Sportsmanship, PG
How To Train Your Dragon - Acceptance, PG
Happyfeet – Accepting differences, PG
Pay it Forward (HR Lesson)  Shows a clip of the movie within the lesson
30 for 30 -ESPN segments on various athletes and their struggles or successes, TV-G, TV-PG
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (old version) - G
Rebound  - Dedication and Teamwork,PG
Space Jam - Determination and acceptance,PG
Lego - Teamwork and being an individual, PG
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days - Doing the Right Thing, PG
Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules - Getting along with others, PG
Home Alone 1-4 - Resilience, PG
Frozen - Acceptance of others, PG
Big Hero 6 - Friendship diversity, PG
Frosty the Snowman - Accepting differences, G
Alvin the Chipmunks - Just to laugh, G
Hop - Teamwork towards a common goal, PG
Wonder - Acceptance and treating others with kindness, PG
The Longshots - Acceptance, PG
Zootopia - Working together/teamwork, PG
Lego Movie, Batman - Overcoming obstacles (fear) PG
Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse - the nature and power of responsibility (PG)


 PE Movie Letter

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